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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How Do I Know I Can Trust a Virtual Bookkeeper? +

    To become a BAS Agent a bookkeeper must first be registered with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board. The Board ensures that all BAS Agents are what is referred to as a "fit and proper" person, excluding them from any fraudulent or dishonest practices or a promoter of tax exploitation. They must have an approved qualification as well as the relevant experience to provide bookkeeping and BAS Services.

    A registered BAS Agent must have the appropriate insurances before they are allowed to operate.

  • Q. How Do I Know Which Size Package to Choose? +

    For a small business that isn’t required to submit a BAS then the Standard package would be fine. For a business that doesn’t require payroll but does need a BAS submitted monthly or quarterly then the Professional package is ideal. If your business requires BAS reporting and lodging as well as payroll for up to 15 people then the Premium package is ideal. Other work can be done by arrangement but will be billed on an hourly basis.

  • Q.What is Cloud Accounting, What Are the Benefits? +

    Think about when you use internet banking. Every time you access this data, you’re using the cloud. The cloud is a platform to make data and software accessible online anytime, anywhere, from any device. Your hard drive is no longer the central hub. The benefits are:

    You always have a clear overview of your current financial position, in real-time.

    Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate online with your team & your bookkeeper/accountant.

    Everything is run online, so there’s nothing to install and everything is backed up automatically. Updates are free and instantly available.

    Upfront business costs are reduced – version upgrades, maintenance, system administration costs and server failures are no longer issues. Instead, they are managed by the cloud service provider.

    No file corruptions or compatibility issues with different versions of the same software.

  • Q. What Are My Options for Giving Remote Access? +

    My preference is to use either Xero or MYOB cloud accounting as described above.

    However If you have an accounting package already installed that you are using and want to continue using I can log in to your computer using TeamViewer and update your data file each week/month too.

    Alternately you can upload a zipped file to our secure portal have it updated by me & then reinstall it back on your computer when it’s finalised. Both the client and I will need to be working in the same version of MYOB to be compatible.

    Another option is for those who do not want to be involved in the process at this level I can create a chart of accounts on my own software for you and send all the necessary reports at the end of each month so you'll be able to see exactly how your business is doing. The reports you'll receive are a Profit and Loss, a balance sheet and a trial balance which will also be sent directly to your accountant. If you are receiving a Payroll service then these reports will also be sent. This would be good for those who only want to be involved in the end of the process and not have access on a daily basis to all the data in the accounting file.

  • Q. How Do I Send Receipts/Timesheets etc. to My Virtual Bookkeeper? +

    Timesheets will need to be sent electronically due to timing to ensure employees are paid on time. Other paperwork can be sent electronically by scanning and uploading to the My Virtual Bookkeeper secure portal or if you still prefer the old way I can send you prepaid post packs that you put everything in and then send off.

    If you are using Xero cloud based software then timesheets will automatically be available.

  • Q. Do I Receive an Invoice Each Month? +

    I only receive payments through PayPal. When a client chooses a package size they are requested to pay through PayPal. Additional work can be arranged & will be charged at $55 per hour for all bookkeeping services except BAS related services which are charged at $65 per hour. I can keep my rates lower due to not having to travel to clients or pay for an office.

  • Q. How Do I Communicate With My Virtual Bookkeeper? +

    To begin with you can fill out the contact form on the site and I will call you to arrange how you would like to communicate with me. I understand that everyone is different in this regard. Some clients like to Skype others prefer just to speak on the phone and others prefer email. The main thing is that we establish good communication throughout so that things go smoothly and are stress free. Ongoing communication will need to be arranged on a monthly basis to ensure the process continues to work for all parties.

  • Q. How Do I Know My Information Will Be Kept Private? +

    On engagement I will enter into a confidentiality agreement that protects both the client and My Virtual Bookkeeper. Confidentiality is as vital as it would be if you had an onsite bookkeeper and is a priority.

  • Q. Am I Locked into a Contract? +

    No, engagement is on a monthly basis so if you are not happy at any time you can discontinue the service. However I like to think that businesses will be happy and that we can communicate if there is something more that I can do to make the partnership work well.

  • Q. What Happens After I Sign Up? +

    You will receive a welcome pack with all the information you need to get started. You will then know what is required to get your accounts set up asap.

  • Q. What If My Books Are A Long Way Behind? +

    Don’t worry, My Virtual Bookkeeper specialises in getting your books up to date. I’ll keep you informed of my progress and let you know what I need to get things sorted.

  • Q. What if I’m still unsure? +

    That’s OK, just give me a call and I can talk to you to see exactly what your requirements are and what you are looking for. Good communication is the key to everything and when it comes to your business’s finances, it’s vital to have them in safe hands.

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